Theater introduced me in a big style to myself. It helped me to hear my voice within myself. That voice was silent before theater, even if it was always intensive. I knew intuitively where, when, how and with whom I am happy. When I started to learn about acting and when I started to work in theatre this voice became lauder and had no fear to be loud as I needed. It was showing me that the only moment which counts is “now”. Now – I live, now – I love, now – I work. Theater represents all that life can be. Theater is ephemeral – life on this world, too. My life is people I love and work I do. My life is my stage, wherever I go, whatever I do. It is telling me mindfully where, when, how and with whom I feel good. In whisper or loud – I hear it clear. It is directing all my actions in order to find myself in “now” moment.