Aida Kožar
My Roots are my Wings

Multimedia notes. Walls of foreign language. Wings of roots. Art of transform. Documenting changes.


Image series “You clean that up!” – A galactic classification

"Kein Signal!"

– 2022
Acryl auf Leinwand 
100 x 120 cm

Eine Frau hat immer etwas zu putzen

Acryl auf Leinwand
100 x 120 cm

Saubere Galaxie

Saubere Galaxie

– 2022
Acryl auf Leinwand
100 x 120 cm

Die Spinne vom Mars kommt und nimmt mein Rot

– 2022
Acryl auf Leinwand 
120 x 100 cm 

Das Signal muss klar sein

– 2022 
Acryl auf Leinwand 
100 x 60 cm


Flowers of Time (Blumen der Zeit) 2023

The flowers of time unite the opposites: the flowers that are beautiful at first glance turn out to be archives of the less beautiful side of world history at second glance.



Theatre actress. Documenting moments of search for a right artistic form. Spirit high. Phantasy in flow. Verbal esthetic transferred into visual expression. Telling stories with no words.  Inner voice in full volume.

Frau H.

Selam, Spacegirl!

Stories from left and right shoulder

Inside – Outside

Aida Meets Bowie

Art of David Bowie is my eternal inspiration. I identify myself with most of the pieces of his art.


Shadow, Colours, Lights and Forms

Color needs shadow in order to stress itself out. Light, as given, is stressing out the forms, thanks to shadow and colors.


With photography collages I am closest to theatre: I make my own circumstances, stage set design, costume, action…

Audio Installations

Aida K.

Theatre actress. Radio reporter. Photographer. Sound artist. Story teller. Connecting the visual world with the world of sounds and speech.

Selam Space Girl

A radio drama

This radio-game is taking place on the planet called Life. In this audio-play is all about to protect existence with sense. Existence on planet Life can be a big pleasure, spiritual and physical.  But there is an enemy on this planet – Monster Senselessness, who lives from destroying pleasure on planet Life.

5 W Stories for Millenials

Aida K’s latest Audio Installations tells the story of the two angels (Meleks) who are guiding every human beings through life.
( in German).


Another Path to Arts

Possibility to teach is noble action. Some skills are already in pupils, teacher’s task is to equip them for mastering those skills – with infrastructure and knowledge. Support of teacher who helps pupils to express them better last even after the very process of teaching. Its beauty is hidden in life challenges. Both of  teachers and pupils. Teaching and providing infrastructure to pupils makes my inner voice sings a song devoted to beauty of human kind. I am honoured to show to others ways which could lead to art. 


Latest Projects

“Busride to Novi Mars”

A radio drama about the abuse of artists by politics.  Performed Online ( in German).

Premiera at 28th of December,2021 


Latest Performance

“Manifesto für ausländische Künstler”

Online Festival of Studiobühne, Cologne ” 5 Minuten”
Streamed perfomance, February 2020

About ME


Aida Kožar
Artist - Actress

Born in Novi Pazar, Serbia,



Master degree in Human Rights and Democracy in South-East Europe, University of Sarajevo and Bologna
October 2003.


Media Specialist/ Journalist, MEDIAPLAN High School of Journalism,
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, class of 2002
Specialization includes: Specifics of TV, radio and print media reporting; News writing; Audio and visual expression; Journalism ethics, etc.


Faculty of Drama’s Arts, department of Acting, Prishtina
Class of 1992. Graduated in 1996.


Philological Faculty, department of English language and literature,
Prishtina, 1990/1994.


Roles and theatre performances:

„Bakchen“ – Theatre collective “Bäcklaba”

Krefeld, April/May 2023.

Studiobühne, Online Theatre Festival “fünfminuten”
“Manifesto für Ausländer-Künstler”
May 2020

Studiobühne, Das Festival „Fünfzehnminuten“ 
 „Sumras Quitten“ Author’s Project
January 2018

Schauspielhaus Düsseldorf
„Der Prozess nach Kafka“ Andrej Moguchi
Role: Wife of  Josef K.’s Nightmare.

National Theatre in PrishtinaKosovo,
Actress 1995-2017
Roles:”Bold singer” Eugene Ionesco; “Ubu in Chains” Alfred Jarry; “Dramas portrait of Sylvia Plath” Berry Cail; “Porodične priče” Biljana Srbljanović; “Zla žena” Jovan Sterija Popović; “Čudo u Šarganu” Ljubomir Simović, “Sabirni centar” Aleksandar Popovic

Regional Theatre Novi Pazar, Serbia

Principle/Director 2005-2013.

Directing: “The school for women” Jean-Baptiste Moliere, “Small Prince” Antoine de Saint-Exupery, “Pinoccio” Carlo Collodi, “Žalosna svadba“ Vehbija Hodžić

Radio dramas

„Bus ride to Novi Mars“ 2021 Norman Grotegut/Daniel Wegner

„Salaam, spacegirl“ 2021.

„Stories from the left and right shoulder“ 2021


„The longest night“ – the night of performances

On Documenta 14. Kassel, 2017

„I feel something you don’t see“

Bundeskunsthalle, Bonn, 2022



Best young actress on theatre professional festival “Joakim Vujic” 1997. Yugoslavia
With graduated monodrama “Silvia Plath” among 7 best monodramas of Yugoslavia, festival “Theatre of One Actor”, Niksic, 1997.


Lives and works in Cologne, Germany.


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