Aida K.

Since I am a theatre actress in a foreign country, my way to find a theatre on German language is more interesting by visual documenting some moments of that search. Photography helped me to keep my spirit high and my phantasy in flow. Esthetic which I have when I am on the stage  is transferred into visual expression which doesn’t need words. in any language.

Photography is my stage where intensity of my inner voice shows it’s full strength without any sound or word.

Aida Meets Bowie

Art of David Bowie is my eternal inspiration. I identify myself with most of the pieces of his art.


Monumental Ode to my Hats

My constant personal challenge is how to present myself without words. In foreign country being linguistic perfectionist this challenge becomes new level. 

Shadow, Colours, Lights and Forms

Color needs shadow in order to stress itself out. Light, as given, is stressing out the forms, thanks to shadow and colors.


With photography collages I am closest to theatre: I make my own circumstances, stage set design, costume, action…